14 March 2009


So The Husband and I got to go on one of our very rare movie dates this afternoon and picked Watchmen. Yaay for the small miracle of movie dates!

Almost 30 bucks and 3 hours later, I'm still sort of shell shocked. It was violent. It was graphic. It was gory. It had waaay too many flashbacks and moved waaay slower than I would normally tolerate and yet I've come away from it thinking it was great.

I'm struggling to put my finger on why.

I mean, normally any movie that moves that slow has me yawning, bored and pissed off that I just spent 30 bucks to be bored halfway through and hoping it will end. Watchmen somehow eluded this fate.

I think there are a number of reasons for this. For one thing, there was a giant, blue man walking around totally naked for most of the movie. Two thumbs, way up! ;-D

Seriously, though...

The characters had enough depth to keep me interested. Maybe not as much as I usually like, but there were interesting internal conflicts going on. There were interesting inter-personal conflicts as well -- not to mention the sometimes brutal action going on in the main story line (slow as it was at times).

I had the who of who-dun-it figured out early, which should have ticked me off, but the way it ended left me OK with that. Not your typical Hollywood wrap-up, for sure. So that was good too.

There was also a lot of superheros kicking butt, which I always like a lot. And there was superhero humor and sex and betrayal and - my favorite - an antihero.

I don't know. I'm still struggling with why I wasn't unhappy with it, and the last half was definitely better than the first half, but it was worth the money. Go see it!


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