27 March 2006

I am SUCH an idiot

Sometimes. Like today.

OK, so I've been bitching and moaning for months (basically since I got the thing) about this monstrosity of a printer that they made me buy for myself. It's a laser printer with a scanner, which means it takes up about 14 cubic feet of space in the already very limited cubic space of my cube. (Didja follow that??)

I hate it. It's huge. It also beeps constantly to complain about every little ache and pain that it has. Lately, it's favorite ache is that it has no paper. Even when it's STUFFED FULL of frikkin' paper, it will beep every time I try to print something and tell me that it has no paper.

Well, last week around about Wednesday, it started doing this. No matter how many times I pushed on the paper drawer and jiggled it the hell around and prayed and swore and cursed the bloody thing to hell and back, it just kept telling me it had no paper.

I finally gave up and started using the communal printer up front by the receptionist's desk. This isn't necessesarily a bad thing - it gets me out of my cube for a walk, but it can be annoying to have to take a walk every 30 seconds.

So I come in this morning - after my weekend of traveling to the cultural center of the universe, otherwise known as Cincinnati, Ohio - and proceed to swear, kick and curse the printer because apparently the relaxing weekend away from me has not fixed its "No Paper" problem. I swear one final time, turn it off and resume printing things on the communal printer.

About an hour later, I need some blank paper to tape the receipts from my trip to.

So I pull open the frikkin' paper drawer and guess what.

No. Paper.

For real. Like, apparently, I had, in my ire, neglected to actually check.

Score one for the printer...

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Queen K said...

Ooooh....OUCH!!! I HATE shit like that!!! You're all swelled up with righteous anger at the damnable machine and then *pop* *hiss* instant deflation...

On the bright side maybe it'll decide to work now. At least you have a paper drawer - mine has a top-feed mechanism which refuses to feed correctly unless it is precisely placed in the feed - which they make incredibly difficult. And even if I get it to print a few pages, if I turn it off or leave it too long it decides the paper isn't in right again. ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!
Printers Are Hell.