05 March 2006


I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been looking forward to the sequel to NaNoWriMo since I finished the silly vampire novel in November and now that March - the month set aside for editing the silly vampire novel - is here, I can't get motivated to even LOOK at it. I'm supposed to be shooting for 50 hours of editing and so far I've logged 15 minutes.

I am so disappointed in myself. I mean, pregnancy or no pregnancy, I should have at least some gumption to work on this thing since I've been looking forward to it for so long. Shouldn't I?

Granted, it can be hard to concentrate on anything when every time I sit still I get thumped by little Mr./Ms. Surprise-Surprise. And I do get tired easily, not to mention worn down by Ms.Three-Years-Old. And there are two grant deadlines this month and I have to mail my homework for the workshops I'm going to in Ohio on the 24th by tomorrow and there will be posters to edit and print for all the postdocs going to AACR's annual meeting on the 30th. And I'm barely keeping up with my Critters stuff. Hmmm... can't imagine why I'm too exhausted to critically appoach my vampires at the end of the day...

Still. I spent the better part of February preparing for this. I did a read-through and made Notes In The Margins (in Red, no less). I made a Plot Map with index cards (with a different shade of neon for each character). I had filled in many of the NaNo-induced Plot Holes. I made a Plan of Attack and had an editing outline for the first seven chapters. I had even re-written three chapters to fix a couple of the holes so as to make things easier on myself, come March.

Yet here I sit. Blogging, instead of editing.

Maybe it's just a sign that editing can't - or shouldn't - be treated with the same hell-bent, take-no-prisoners attitute that is necessary for NaNo. I mean, it's editing. You're supposed to be careful. You're supposed to take your time and try and make it perfect. The exact opposite of what one attempts to accomplish during NaNo.

Or maybe I'm focusing on the wrong goals for this month. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to make every chapter perfect. Maybe, instead, I should go for the bigger fish. OK, the more obvious fish: the bulls in the china shop, the plot holes that are so glaring, they can't be ignored. That kind of thing, instead of driving myself bonkers (well, more bonkers) trying to figure out exactly the right word to describe Maribel's hair.

It's a thought...

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