21 April 2006

Another Show

Thunder, lightening and rain started up around 4AM - no getting back to sleep for this mama (I did try). Why do storms like this come at such odd hours around here? It wasn't even hot outside or anything... weird...

We did end up getting nailed yesterday - no tornados, but lots of rain, wind and some quarter-sized hail at the house. Got to the parking lot at work around 10AM and just as I was getting out of the car the sky cracked open practically over my head. The resulting noise was deafening, reverberating through my body like some kind of mega subwoofer.

Decided to take the shuttle bus.

I don't normally do that - I usually walk the mile or so to the cube, that being my only real opportunity for exercise during a workday - but something told me I'd better not try it. Good choice, as it turned out.

Sky started spitting rain as soon as I reached the shuttle stop. More cracks in the clouds right overhead, more booming super subwoofer pounding through me. I could see the shuttle waiting at its previous stop. And waiting. And waiting.

Rain was getting more and more petulant by the time it finally started moving. It seemed to take forever to drive the 50 yards or so between stops. Got in. Sat down. Sky opened up.

Rain and hail - torrential doesn't even begin to describe it. It was a tidal wave. Drenching, blinding - the wipers on the bus couldn't keep up. I got soaked crossing the five feet of sidewalk between the shuttle stop and my building.

Glad I didn't walk.


Queen K said...

I jealous - I LOVE thunderstorms!!
Okay - I'm not jealous of being soaked and almost pummeled to death...but I would like a ripping good thunderstorm to come through soon...cleanses things...

Queen K said...

er...I'M jealous...yikes...I sound like a toddler!

Bethanie said...

Yeah, they're awesome!! Worth getting up at the butt-crack of dawn... or, erm, before, as the case may be. Ms. Three is gradually losing her fear of them, which is nice. For years I couldn't enjoy them because we had a dog that freaked, then Ms. Three didn't like them... Suppose Ms. Soon-to-Arrive won't either... Oh well!