20 April 2006

Storm Coming

Woke up between 3 and 4AM this morning, finally gave up and got up at 5:30 to watch thunderstorms approaching - didn't want to miss the show. Watched out the bedroom window for a while then opened the door to the deck and stood listening.

The sky was flashing and silent. Then rain started plinking the deck, almost hesitantly, like it was just testing it out, seeing if it really wanted to fall there. A few seconds later the first hints of thunder rumbled by on the edge of the horizon and the lightening started getting serious. No longer a vague flashing in the clouds, now it began to light things up, not enough to show color in that millisecond way that you see in the middle of a storm, but enough to remind you it could if it wanted to.

The rain moved on to test out somebody else's deck and I went to make "coffee" (decaf, of course, which you wouldn't think is worth it, but when that's all you're allowed to have, you'll take it). I'm sipping it now, sitting at the dining room table next to the wide open door, waiting.

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