17 April 2006

Science Proves Women Usually Right

So this story on abcnews.com caught my eye today and it’s got me all amused. The story is about the accuracy of genetic paternity testing and how often men are actually raising their own, biological children.

One of the factoids discussed is as follows: men who seek out genetic testing to prove they’re not the biological father of some child are only right 30% of the time. In other words, 70% of the time, these men are wrong.

Even more interesting from my point of view, the story also states that “98% of men raising children they believe to be their biological offspring are right to think so”.

If you look at this another way, women – who have presumably made some sort of declaration or guess about who the father of their children is – are almost always right (i.e., 98% of the time).

Hmmm… 30% accuracy versus 98% accuracy…

Sounds about right to me…

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