13 January 2007


I'm so very happy. I finally figured out how to outsmart blogger and annotate my links. Hah!

Miss Snark: A Literary Goddess in Stilettos. I have learned more about writing from the last Crap-o-meter, than from all the frikkin' writing books I own, combined.

Dirt City Paranoia: In-yer-face, go-fuck-yerself political satire. Makes me homesick as all hell. I love it.

Bitch Ph.D.: I aspire to this kind of honesty. 'Nuff said.

101 Reasons to Stop Writing: I like this one because the author is so cynically honest. Or brutally honest. Or just mean. Whatever. It's a welcome dose of reality in amongst all the warm, fuzzy, 'you-can-do-it', 'don't-ever-give-up-on-your-dreams' writing advice out there.

Street Anatomy: Stumbled across this from a post on the AMWA Editing/Writing listserve and it is COOL. 'Nuff said, people. Check it out.

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