28 January 2007

By Request

OK, Sistergirl #2, a.k.a. the Queen, has a really cool post on recent craft endeavors and in the comments I mentioned a quilt block I made a while back. She requested that I post it, so here we are and here is my lovely quilt block:

Tres beautiful, non? I'm very proud. I'm also never making another one.

The block is called True Lover's Knot and I used the instructions from the Quilts from The Quiltmaker's Gift* book. The fabrics are leftovers from our wedding outfits with a green that reminds me of the sagebrush that grows all over the place Way Out West, including the spot where we got hitched.

Sadly, as I said, I will never, ever, ever make this block again - at least, not with these particular fabrics.

Why? Well, see the little light-colored squares in the middle of the "knots"? That's the fabric from the bodice of my wedding dress. The very expensive, beaded fabric from the bodice of my wedding dress. Which, it turns out, is just a flat-out pain in the ass to work with. Either the sewing machine needle would break when it hit a metal bead or the needle would hit a glass bead and the glass bead would shatter all over the place or the metallic thread that was part of the fabric would start to unravel and become hopelessly tangled in the sewing machine.

In short, it was a nightmare of epic proportions and the only way to avoid all these issues was to take out by hand all the beads and wayward threads along the edge of the piece before stitching it. And if you look closely at that picture, you'll see that each little "square" is really made of four little triangles and people, lemmetellya, THAT is a lot of seams. Way, way, way more seams to de-bead and de-thread than my infamous lack of patience can handle ever, ever again.

So. Despite the fact that I have a ton of the very expensive bodice fabric left and it's a nifty idea to make a quilt with it, I will not be doing so. And I really have no idea what I'll do with the quilt block come to think of it. I had thoughts of turning it into a pillow. Or maybe I'll put a border around it and staple it to a frame and display it someplace. Suggestions?

H'boy. All I was gonna do is post a picture and good grief! I've ended up with a tirade. Who knew?!?

(*The Quiltmaker's Gift is a truely wonderful book. If you don't own it, you should. Even if you're not a kid.)

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