19 June 2008

Coincidence? Probably.

So I'm reading this book: Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World. It's fascinating, and somewhere in there is a discussion about the Mongol religion -- part of which involves a diety of sorts called the Eternal Blue Sky.

Cool, thinks I.

I mention to one of our postdocs, who happens to be from Mongolia, that I'm reading this book. We proceed to have this long discussion about the Mongol invasion and how everywhere she's worked over the years - Afganistan, Pakistan, Russia, Egypt - people still remember how their homeland was conquered by Genghis Kahn (or, as she says, Chingis Kahn).

And then she goes back to her cube, and I finish submitting the paper she came to ask me about in the first place. Then I email her to let her know and she emails back and says something to the effect of 'now we just have to pray to the Blue Sky Father (or the God) that it gets accepted'.

Now that may be a literal translation of the Christian 'God' or it may be that people in Mongolia still have the same dieties as Genghis Kahn. I don't know, but whatever.

That's pretty cool, thinks I.

Yesterday The Husband comes home and says, 'You probably won't let me, but can I go to Durango next week.'

Durango. As in Durango, Colorado. Home to a bit of the Great Big Sky, one of the things I miss most about living Way Out West.

For one brief, beautiful moment, I thought, 'Hey! I could go, too!'

That'd be So Cool!, thinks I.

And surely, it was all meant to be, given the other occurences of Big Beautiful Sky in the last week and the fact that I don't believe in coincidence - yahoo!

And then I remembered that I'm not 27 anymore and can't just take off at the drop of a hat for a road trip, 'cuz I have a job and kids and a house and a car payment and stuff.

So, yeah. Probably it's all just a coincidence.

Bummer, that.



Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Me thinks you've got a pretty cool story idea in there somewhere. *winks*

Janet said...

I LOVE coincidences :-)

Bethanie said...

joely - yeah, probably there IS a story in there somewhere... if only I had the time to think about it! :D

And coincidences are cool and eerie and mysterious.... kinda like the universe is poking you and saying, "Hey! You! Pay attention!"