14 June 2008


I know. It's been an age in blog-time since I've put up a real post and I have a list - a long list - of obligations I have not fulfilled. But I have my reasons for blowing everybody off. I do!

First, I had a birthday party to orchestrate. It was a smashing success, even if I did question my sanity (repeatedly) for have nine - NINE - 6-year-olds in my house at one time and then stuffing them full of sugar. I mean, there was a spontaneous robot parade, fercrissake.


Nothing got broken, there weren't too many tears shed, and there were no (permanent) injuries. And it was fun (in its own special way)!

Second, Ms. Baby insisted on bringing home more microscopic (and illness-causing) friends. So there was vomiting. And diarrhea. Oh, and then there was a case of sun poisoning (The Husband brought the sunscreen with him on the boat, but didn't use it - brilliant). Think subcutaneous blisters. It was fucking gross. 'Nuff said.

Third, ... well, shit. I've forgotten what was third. But I'm sure there was something...


Things appear to be back to normal, so I'm out of excuses and it's time to fess up, shut up, and sit down and get caught up. So in the hope that posting my To Do's here will motivate me to get my ass in gear, here's my list of obligations, in no particular order, but that I'm going to get done by the end of the month, even if it kills me:

  1. Medical editing stories for Lanie, which were promised an embarassingly long time ago.
  2. First draft of a 33 Mistakes e-book for Holly Lisle, which was committed to an embarassingly long time ago.
  3. Three reviews of books from Drollerie Press, which were sent to me - oh, you're so smart, you've guessed it already, haven't you - an embarassingly long time ago.
  4. Beta read for Joely, which wasn't sent all that long ago but that I had planned to finish last weekend and would have, had it not been for the vomiting and runs to the drug store for Benedryl and hydrocortizone cream for the lobster, I mean, Husband.
  5. Thank you cards for Ms. Six's birthday presents.
  6. Send out spring school photos of Ms. Six and Ms. Baby.
  7. Actually write some of the 17 blog posts taking up space in my brain.

Myeah. That should do it. For now.



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Nine six year olds? Brave, yes. I go suicidal when I do these things -- double digits, usually in the mid-teens.

Yep. Suicidal.

I mean, hey. The parents generally stay at this point anyway, right? May as well make 'em earn their cake!

Bethanie said...

*goggles, speechless*

I kow-tow to your birthday party prowess!! You are The Woman!

Although I had only ONE parent stay. ONE. The rest were all to happy to drop 'em and run... wonder why... :sD