15 June 2008

Fruit and Fauna


First, the fruit: check it out - I HAVE PLUMS!!!!

There are a bunch more getting close on the tree and evidence on the ground under the tree that a bunch more got ripe recently (the squirrels beat us to 'em ... damn squirrels). Hopefully, the ones I picked will ripen a bit more by themselves, otherwise we might be having a pucker-fest instead of a snack...


Second, the fauna: The South has no shortage of Bugs of Gigantic Proportion.

Found this lovely early one morning - thankfully dead - on my doorstep. My ancient camera is not capable of the sort of close-up that would really give you nightmares, but you could see every last one of the thing's eyes.

He/She had one HECK of an abdomen (or thorax or whatever that bulbous, brownish bit is...).

I think it died because it came too close to the house -- an unintended consequence of having to spay the foundation for ants. This is why I don't like using pesticides. You never know what you're going to kill, and I'm normally fairly tolerant of excessively-legged creatures (especially ones that eat other excessively-legged creatures for breakfast) so long as they stay in their natural habitat (i.e., not the inside of my house).

Although I have to admit, I did very intentionally kill the black widow I found in the backyard a couple weeks ago. I don't know -- something in the hindbrain Did Not Like that particular collection of glossy black legs and I had squashed the motherfucker before I even knew what happened.



Janet said...

Just another one of the reasons I like the northeast...bugs are normal size and black widows are rare!

Bethanie said...

No kidding, Janet! Don't even get me started on the wasps around here - not only are they GIGANTIC, they also come in several different colors...

And I had never seen a black widow until last year.... and if I never see another, it'll be too soon...