19 August 2008

Back to School

It's funny the way the brain works. Sometimes it's in Create Mode -- that's when I'm writing -- and sometimes, like now, it's in Sponge Mode.

Sponge Mode is just what it sounds like -- the brain just wants to soak up everything it encounters. Eventually, it will get saturated and things will start to drip out. In other words, we'll be back to Create Mode. :D

For the moment, though, I'm a thirsty sponge. So thirsty, in fact, that as I mentioned before, I signed up for a class at FPU, a class in Human Genetics, a graduate level class, come to that (eep!). I'll be in way over my head, no doubt, but that's OK. That's where I've been with almost every manuscript I've edited over the last 5 years. I'm used to it.

But on top of that, I'm doing the homework for the statistics workshop I'll be taking in October and I'm peeking at the epidemiology textbook I have every once in a while and I'm still working my way through Holly Lisle's Clinics...

So this morning I realized that, essentially, I've got a full course load this fall: Human Genetics, Statistics, Epidemiology and Creative Writing.

With all that going on, it won't surprise me in the least if the brain fills up and starts overflowing in a couple of weeks -- I'll be itching to write and won't be able to because of all this incoming stuff!

Just figures, don't it?


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