26 August 2008

Crank It Up

It never fails to amaze me when I'm driving along in the car, minding my own business, Song of the Day cranked up as loud as I can take it, and suddenly


I get fwapped on the head by the huge-est of epiphanies about a story I thought I knew inside out.

It happened again this morning.

Now just yesterday I had the huge-est of epiphanies that this particular Song of the Day (Viva La Vida by Cold Play, of all bands...!) is NOT about the character I thought it was, but about someone else entirely and makes so much more sense that way. So I was not expecting another huge epiphany, not so soon after the other one.

But there I was, squinting through the pre-dawn dark made even darker by the blessed rain that dear ol' Fay has delivered (it hasn't rained here in a month), Song of the Day cranked up really, really loud - like, loud enough that I could feel the drum bit reverberating in my chest. And as I'm sitting there, squinting and cursing my windshield wipers for not moving fast enough to keep up with the rain, the Back of my Mind is chewing on the lyrics of Song of the Day (played over and over and over) as they apply to the proper character and her personal history (violent, bloody, vengeful - oh, but she is fun!) and out the blue (well, the blue-black - it was painfully early) comes this:

It was the Norn who built the Temples, the Han had nothing to do with them.

And in the background is this character peering at me with the tiniest of amused little grins as if she has known this all along and has been withholding the information merely so she could amuse herself by surprising me with it like this. (She's almost as bad as Lars, this one.)

Anyway, I am fairly blown away, because it was one of those sticky little back story things about the history of Imbue (the world where my fantasy stories take place) that I could never quite figure out how to fit togther with the time of Novel #1. And it's just SO COOL because it fits so perfectly with what I already know and it solves the problem of how I could never make the Han mythology fit with the Temple/Tower complex because it doesn't.


Anyway, it just goes to show, that if you crank the tunes loud enough, everything works itself out eventually.



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yep. It's all because of the music. (It does it to me, too. Daily.)

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I *love* moments like that! Congrats on the epiphany!

Bethanie said...

Yea, tunes! 'specially loud ones! :-D