08 November 2008

NaNo Bits: Day 8

It's still going reasonably well, which is shocking the hell out me - I've averaged almost 1650 words a day during the work week! That's astounding for me. Last year, I was lucky if I could manage 800 during the week and then had to make it up on the weekends, which sort of sucked.

Seriously, I think I finally struck the right balance between planning enough but not too much. My characters are continually surprising me, but in a good way for once.

Then again, the first six scenes of the story were pretty well laid out and I had really good visuals on them. The same cannot be said for The Middle of The Story.... However, I'm hoping that because The End of The Story has been pretty well mapped out too, that The Middle will take care of itself.

Well, one can dream, right?

Anyway, I have to thank Susan for her post on new music, via which I found Apocalyptica's Farewell. It's stunning and was perfect for the scene I was writing last night. Thanks, Susan!

And now for a snippet. Eydis has just lectured Bran about being reckless. He doesn't listen very well, and it's about to cost him.

Eydis looked up to find herself walking in the wrong direction. Why she’d started walking towards the bloody Tower, she couldn’t even begin to guess. Thinking too much, instead of paying attention most likely. She was about to turn around and head back through the onion patch, when she saw something streak up the side of the Tower.

Bran! The idiot – what did he think he was doing? Didn’t he know he could be seen?

She wanted to scream at him – with mind and body voice both – but she didn’t dare. She watched with horror as he soared past the top of the Tower, hung for a second in mid air, then dove down the other side. He emerged beyond the top of the compound wall, silent and moving fast.

There was a shout from the direction of the gate and Eydis heard the sing-song chatter of the Han guard.

Then her blood froze in her veins as she heard the sound of a bow string lose an arrow.

Word Count as of Right Now: 14,035.



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, you are very welcome. I live to make connections like that.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Whoo-hoo! Sounds like things are going great. Characters in trouble are always a good thing. *g*

I love Apocalyptica, too. Bittersweet became a theme song durnig Road and I didn't know why.

I do know. *mysterious look*

Bethanie said...

*cues up Bittersweet* Hmmmm....

Joely - Woman, you are killing me with suspense! 0.0