02 November 2008

A NaNo Mini-Snippet

This was Joely's idea, of course, this mini-snippet thing....

Er, let me back up...

NaNo is in full swing! I actully managed to finish the first scene yesterday and it went surprisingly well. OK, maybe it shouldn't have been surprising. It's one of those scenes that I could see the whole thing, beginning to end, which is not always the case. It really helps, lemmetellya... 'cuz the next one is d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g...

Oh, well.

Anyway, final word count for yesterday was 2,772 (which is also the phone number for my HR person at work... scary, that...).

And since I think it's a neat idea to post my favorite (or least suckiest) line each day, here's the opening for this year's adventure:

Heilla rushed down a frightfully empty corridor, one hand on her head to keep her head scarf from flying off as she ran, the other holding up a handful of skirts out of her way so she could run faster. How she had managed to oversleep again, she couldn’t even begin to comprehend.


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