22 November 2008

NaNo Bits: Sheer Shock

It is now midnight and I should be in bed, but I must express my ... I don't even know... shock, awe, amazement-at-the-shit-that-comes-out-of-my-head?

Something like that.

It's like this: My very boring, very plain, very straight laced, very innocent (or so I thought...) main character up and decided she could not avoid murdering someone today. Murder! She couldn't avoid it. She really couldn't. It was a terrible line, and she had to cross it, but I am appalled. Appalled. And very much not OK with this turn of events. (How sympathetic is a character that is that cold blooded??)

But mostly, I am very, very shocked at how terrifyingly neatly this murder thing fits in with something else that I already knew about but didn't know the particulars of.

See, there are these bloody knives that another character finds later on. Only I didn't know whose blood was on them or how it got there.

And now I do.




Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Oh, the magic of NaNo! This is awesome. You're doing great!!! As for murdering someone, if you make the character sympathetic enough--if she has dire reasons to do so--then I'm sure it'll work.

My characters have been known to kill occasionally. *Gregar laughs and rolls the ivory rahke back and forth on his palm*

Bethanie said...

Oh, my... now, how could I have forgotten about Gregar?? I must need to re-read Rose and Road... yeah, that's it! :-D