26 November 2008

Procrastinations Galore

Word Count as of 7 AM today: 46,009

Word Count as of 6 PM today: 49,018

Which is impressive for me, until you consider that I've been at it just as hard for the last 3 hours, BUT:

Word Count as of 9 PM today: 49, 436

Oooo - 400 words in three hours. Positively smokin', baby. *blows raspberries*

Why, I cannot say, but it's alway the last 700 words of NaNo that are the hardest to spit out onto the bloody page. Always. They kill me.



Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I was going to say You're so close!!! and then I saw your word count in the sidebar.


Congrats, Bethanie, you rock!

Hope you're having a Happy Thanksgiving!

Bethanie said...

Yay for 50K! Thanks, joely!