27 September 2006

Fess Up Time

Word count: 619
Forays into Wikipedia: 5
(Chinese surnames, 100 most common Chinese surnames, Chinese Nobility, Han Dynasty, Warrant Officer)
Tune-age: The Hand That Feeds (NIN)

That actually wasn't so bad. Today. 'Course I got to sleep for 4 hours in a row last night. THAT probably won't happen again for a week.


Queen K said...

Niiiice - good work!! I'm impressed you did that much with all the distractions.

Don't worry abou the work-at-home thing, I think it'll get much easier as Miss Baby gets some real patterns to her sleep (And longer patterns, dammit) and as Miss Four gets used to the routine. It just takes time and it's gotta be much tougher with TWO at home - then you always have one going at something. DOn't beat yourself up about it - just do your best and keep looking for ways to make life easier through creative distraction. There are probably some good WOrk-at-home mama websites even with tips. Though honestly, at the moment you are at the mercy of a baby's whims. Remember it gets easier in terms of naps and all - really. One of these days she'll settle more into a morning and afternoon nap you can work around. Silly baby. Knew I should hae brought you some Baby Valium. No..they don't really have that. Sigh.

Bethanie said...

well, they were necessary, story-related distractions. And therefore, very justifiable... heh.

Yeah, I am eagerly awaiting the regularly scheduled nap thing. If they happen to coincide with Sesame Street in the morning and Maya and Miguel in the afternoon, so much the better!