28 September 2006

Whoa... 'the fuck just happened?

Word Count: 552
Forays into Wikipedia: 0 (Eh?!!?)
Other Peripheral Distractions: Multiple checks of email leading to the discovery that Blogger FINALLY has fucking categories! Woo-hoo! Had to sign up.
Tune-age: Hand That Feeds (NIN) (yes, over and over and over...)

OK, this 500-word goal thing is working. I churned out all this crap and suddenly found my chapter swirling at light speed to a (sorta) cliffhanger ending I hadn't seen coming. Not only is that cool, it also made clear the solutions to all the other problems with this chapter AND means I might just squeeze out that deadline on Sunday. !!


Anonymous said...

Such Language!!

Bethanie said...

Yes. 'Fuck' is part of the English language. We don't say it in front of our children. We don't let them say it in front of us. But it's there and it's been there for centuries and it has it's uses. Get over it.

Bethanie said...

Sorry, that should be 'its uses'. (I hate it when I do that. Professional hazard.)

Leslie said...

Sunday's deadline... that would be for me, right? I am so looking forward to reading something above a 4th grade level (I'm teaching 4th and 5th grade reading, and am knee deep in Island of the Blue Dolphins and such)!

Bethanie said...

Yes, ma'am, that would be for you. :)

And golly, I hope it's hope it's a bit above 4th grade... (although I think I remember liking Island of the Blue Dolphins. Not sure. It was a horrifically long time ago that I read it...).