27 September 2006


So I was reading this thing about increasing your "writing productivity" today and one of the tips is to set yourself daily goals. They can, thankfully, be small goals, but all the same, it apparently helps you to crank out the wordage.

I'm thinking about trying it.

Partly I want to try it because I'm one of those people who's so annoyingly goal-oriented that I can't function properly without a damn To Do list even when I'm on vacation. I also need SOMETHING to get my ass in gear with this book. I want it finished. I want the fucking thing out of my head so I can move on to something else.

I also need something else to think about besides whether or not I should brave changing the baby's diaper (there's always a chance she's not quite done) or how to get Ms. Four to do something else besides chop scrap paper into teensy, tiny pieces (yes, I'm the friggin' idiot who bought her the scissors, and yes, my living room floor looks distinctly like it's been snowing... or somebody had one hell of a confetti party...). (I'm really not cut out for this stay-at-home/work-at-home mom thing, can you tell. Hats off to any woman (or man, and I gatta hand it to The Husband on that one) who's done it.)

'The hell was I on about anyway. Oh yes. Goals. Here's mine: 500 words a day.

That might be too much. Guess I'll find out. To keep myself honest, the plan is 500 words of fiction (this crapola doesn't count). And I'll post the daily word count here to keep myself even more honest (like I know how to lie in the first place...).

OK. Off to it. I'll post results in a bit.

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