25 September 2006


I am not a shopper.

Well, let me rephrase that. Slightly. I am a shopper, but only for certain items. That is to say, I do not like to just “go shopping” in the conventional sense where one spends hours joyously wandering around some mall with one’s girlfriends spending gobs of money on god-knows-what just for the sheer pleasure of it while one’s significant other sits mournfully but patiently on a bench somewhere with other significant others.

I know I am betraying my gender, but unless it involves books, textiles or shoes, I am not that kind of shopper. I’m not sure why exactly. Probably a combination of things. I don’t like crowds of people. I don’t like looking at every single, stinkin’ thing in the store. I prefer to get in, get what I need and get the hell out before the crowds of people get me, which is probably why I don’t like stores that aren’t properly organized (TJ Maxx and its ilk are a nightmare). In addition, I don’t like buying things I don’t really need (unless it’s books, textiles or shoes, which I always need). And I despise the very thought of bargain hunting (ugh – it sends a shiver down my spine even as I type), since it typically involves all of the above.

So as I say, I’m not a shopper. However – all is not lost – I married one. On certain occasions, I am very grateful for it. (On other occasions – primarily when I have been sent to the significant other bench – I am less grateful.)

Here is the story of an I-am-grateful occasion:

I get a catalog every so often from Williams-Sonoma. Williams-Sonoma sells phenomenally expensive kitchen gadgetry and even more phenomenally expensive gourmet food items in its catalog. Not being phenomenally rich, I rarely ever buy anything from them. BUT. Once in a while I see something I think is really nifty and Simply Must Have.

These stemless wine glasses are one such item:

So. I am perusing the catalog one afternoon when I see them. Gorgeous! Functional (they fit in the dishwasher)! I’ve never seen anything like them! I pale at the price (two glasses for $22), but these are most definitely a Simply Must Have item.

I casually mention them to The Husband, show him the picture in the catalog and plan on ordering a set after I get paid at the end of the month.

A few days go by. A few (sleepless) nights go by. We end up wandering around Target (a very well-organized store) waiting for a prescription to get filled. Ms. Four (ensconced in the shopping cart), Ms. Baby (ensconced in her car seat and perched where Ms. Four should be sitting) and I (peeking around the sides of the cart because I can’t see over the car seat) wander one way and The Husband, the ever-intrepid shopper (sans babies or cart), wanders another. A few minutes later he catches up to us with a box in one hand.

“Look what I found,” he says, proudly holding up said box.

“What,” I ask, squinting at the box and wondering what nifty-but-useless item I’m going to have to talk him out of purchasing.

“It’s those glasses you wanted,” he says, beaming (as much as one can on Almost No Sleep).

I blink, the brain slowly gearing up to access the memory banks. Then I see the picture on the side of the box. It’s those glasses I showed him in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. Only there’s four of them, not two.

“Oh!” I say, excited now. “Cool!” Then warily, “How much are they?”

“They’re on sale - $7,” he says. Then he gives me a grin, “It was the sale tag that caught my eye.”

Cool!” I say again and stow the box safely in the cart.

You see why I married him. I mean, SEVEN BUCKS! Is he good or what? And the sale tag caught his eye! Wow! What would I do without him??

Moral of the story: It just goes to show that every family could use a shopper.


Bethanie said...

I have no earthly idea why this got posted twice. Blogger-fart. That's my guess.

Queen K said...

You can delete the other one in 'Edit Posts" - I've had to do it before myself. Once posted a poem three times. Oy.

And I'm impressed with the man - very nice! Target is great. I know it's a superstore and all, but I still love it. Found two adorable wine glasses there myself on sale. Promptly broke one. They didn't have any more. :( Don't break yours!

Bethanie said...

Well, I kept trying to delete it with Edit Posts and it kept not doing it. Now, you'll notice, it's disappeared, though I haven't done a thing. What-EV!

And yes, The Husband can be impressive on occasion! Bummer about your wine glasses, dude...