01 September 2006


The milk startles me when in drips onto my arm. I don't know why. I felt it let down, after all.

I grab a cloth diaper from where I keep it on the back of the couch and stuff it inside my shirt so to catch the rest of the drips. Then I save the chapter I'm working on and listen.

Sure enough, within a minute or two, I hear Ms. Baby stirring. How my body knows she was about to wake up and need her 'nummies', I have no idea. I turn the monitor down and walk to the other end of the house to find Herself, eyes still closed, waving her arms in the air and nursing her blanket.

I pick her up, latch her on and watch as my body fills her tummy. She does her usual - five very intense minutes, followed by five minutes of 'don't take this thing out of my mouth yet' token sucking. Then I put her on my shoulder and make what I know will be a fruitless attempt to burp her. My theory is that people just don't burp in their sleep (she has yet to bother opening her eyes).

I lay her down. She's restless. I know I'll be back shortly. She gives me enough time to pee.

I decide to rearrange her blanket before putting her on the other side, since I know she'll be out for a couple hours after this. She's patient, lets me do my thing, then does hers.

When she's done, I lay her down, tuck her in and go back to my chapter.

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Queen K said...

Wow! That's impressive - I've never heard of instinctive let-down in quite that manner before. Nature is coooooool. Heeheehee