07 September 2006

Stupid Question

I'm a fairly smart person. I should be able to figure this out myself. But alas, I think my age is showing.

I want to buy a song. One song. I don't want the whole damn album. I just want the one song off it that I know I like.



Anonymous said...

The easiest way, in my opinion, would be to use iTunes. Just click the buy button next to the song you want :)

Bethanie said...

And I've done that before, but then I get the song in this format that I can't play with anything but iTunes (I want it as an MP3 so I can put it on my PDA *whine, whine, whine*).

Bethanie said...

OK, and then I discover that I can hook up to Napster for cheap-cheap through the university I work for - only to discover that frikkin' Napstor doesn't have the song I want. Gah! What do I do NOW?

Queen K said...

Yeah, ITunes decided to be complete bastards and make this stupid MP4 format to push people into buying a ridiculously expensive iPod. Whatev! I tend to use iTunes because it's quick and I tend to make my singles into CDs for my car (the MP4 automatically limits you to 10 burns....sigh), so I'm not sure where else you could go. My thought is to Google 'MP3s' and see what services show up. Okay - is that too obvious? Yeah, sorry I know. What song is it?

Bethanie said...

It's a song from a movie soundtrack (which, I'm guessing, is part of the problem maybe??). Anywho, the song is: "The Undertaker" by some band called "Puscifer" from the movie "Underworld Evolution".

I should Google it. (And of course it's too obvious. That's why I didn't think of it.)