22 November 2006


Miss Snark posted a joke on her very snarky blog the other day. I've heard it before once upon a time, and as an almost-Unitarian, I felt I had to share:

You know why Unitarians are such poor hymn singers?

Cause they are always reading ahead to see if they agree with the text.



Theriomorph said...

Ha! Good one.

As a half-Jewish, lifelong pagan who was raised Episcopalian and is now best described as agnostic, here's my favorite:

St. Peter gives Recently Dead Guy who has landed in Purgatory a tour of Heaven and Hell so he knows what he's in for, depending.

Heaven is as Recently Dead Guy (RDG) expected: clouds, harps, peace, love, enlightenment, that sort of thing. "Nice," he says. "Yeah," St. Peter agrees. "Now here's the other possibility."

He takes RDG to the first circle of hell, where there's a guy being flayed, his skin peeled off in huge strips.

"Yikes," RDG says. "What'd he do?"
"That's a Jew who ate pork," St. Peter says.

In the second circle of hell, there's a guy who's been flayed then dropped in a vat of boiling oil.

"Holy Cow," RDG says. "What did this guy do?"

"That's a Catholic who ate meat on Fridays," St. Peter answers.

In the third circle, there's a guy who has been flayed, then boiled in oil, and is in the process of being drawn and quartered by big, nasty Clydesdale-looking demons.

"For God's sake," says RDG. "What on earth did THIS guy DO!?"

"This one," St. Peter says, shaking his head sadly, "is an Episcopalian who ate his salad with his dessert fork."

Bethanie said...

Tee-hee-hee! That's good! And it reminds me of another one. The Husband was brought up in the Church of Christ. People who go to this church believe that they're they're the only ones getting Christianity right.

A guy dies and goes to heaven and god starts giving a tour.

"Over here is where the Catholics hang out," says god. "And right next door are the Anglicans and Episcopalians."

They walk on a bit and god points out another area.

"Here's where the Baptists and the Methodists and the Lutherans do their thing."

They walk on a bit further.

"Oh! This is where we keep the Church of Christ-ers, so keep your voice down," god says in a stage whisper. "They think they're the only ones here!"

Theriomorph said...

Nice one!

Lorianne said...

And if you're looking for another Unitarian joke...

How do you harass a Unitarian?


You burn a wooden question mark on his lawn!