01 November 2006

NaNo Day 1

Today's Mantra: Let it Suck. C'mon, say it with me now, letitsuckletitsuckletitsuck... Yeah, I feel better now. But it's damn hard to get used to again.

Today's Tune(s): Lithium, by Evanescence (something like that. I have no idea who they are, but Napster had an album available to download, so I did.)

Other Comments: Scene 1 is almost done. It's sort of having trouble ending. Story of my (writing) life. I had it all planned out and BAM! an extra character shows up and starts commandeering things. This guy is important, but only because he gets executed. Off camera. Well, he was supposed to be ALL off camera. I refuse to name him. But I'll bet whatever his name is, it begins with "L".

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