28 November 2006

'Nother Novel

I did it! I made it to 50K!! Woot!

The story's not done. More to write. Much more. Un-Woot.


Queen K said...

YAY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is TWO successful NaNos and ONE all on your own. Damn girl! I'm seriously impressed and deeply awed by my big sister right now.

Bethanie said...

Thanks, thanks! I just wish I had managed to finish the story arc like I was planning. That was my goal this year. I even skipped actually writing some chapters... Oh well. The reality is: the first draft is going to be more like 100K and I knew that to begin with. I got a good start on that and I'll just be happy with it.

So I shall carry on until I'm done. My plan is 1,000 words a day until the draft is done. Wish me luck!