28 November 2006

Oh, puh-LEEEEZ

Normally, I leave political rants to my betters (please see dirt city paranoia), but this has me grinding my teeth and it ain't even 8AM yet:

I mean, COME ON. How fucking stoopid do they think we are?? Do they really think anybody is going to believe them? Did the results of the last election tell them nothing?

This new line of utter bullshit is clearly the work of the Iraq "Study" Group, the latest attempt by King George and his Evil Henchmen to make it look like they give a shit about the clusterfucked quagmire they've created in the Middle East. "Study", my ass. They should just be honest for once and call themselves His Majesty's Spin Doctors and be fucking done with it.

Graah! They make me SICK.

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