28 March 2008

Annotations Kick-off & West of Mars

This post kicks off a(nother) new label for me: Annotations. I've been wanting to do this for a while, because I never like to just add links to my blog without explaining why they're there. And why in world would I want to do that? Well, I guess it's because I only add stuff I think is worth checking out, which makes Annotations my bid to convince you to check these links out, too.

Right. So, on with it, already:

For a number of reasons, I've been making an effort during the past few weeks and months to seek out other writers' websites.

One reason is that I'm seriously thinking through putting together a website focused on my own writing (and another for my fledgling freelance medical editing service), so I'm looking for ideas, Do's and Do Not's, cool features - that sort of thing.

Another reason is that other writers are a fantastic source of inspiration, ideas and insights. Plus, many of them post excepts and snippets of their writing, which are great - educational and entertaining! This has lead me to some really great writers, whom I otherwise would never have found.

Susan Helene Gottfried is one of these. Her website, West of Mars, has a ton of interesting stuff - including outtakes from her stories about a rock band. Yeah, I know - a rock band. Now, if you had told me that Susan wrote a book about a rock band, I would have said, 'Eh, not for me.'

Luckily, I read an outtake, instead.

Susan is a kick-ass writer. For real. She is funny and poignant at the same time (something I dream of pulling off one day). She's got that show-don't-tell thing DOWN (also in my dreams). She also understands the importance of white space, which is ever so pleasing to Little Miss Med-Editor's eye. Finally, her characters jump right off the page in 3D and make themselves at home in your head. It's totally wicked! (And these are her outtakes, remember?)

Anyway, I am already in line to buy her first book - as soon as she finds a publisher and may that be soon!

So, if you've got a minute - check her out!



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Holy smoke, Bethanie, I have never seen this post until now!

(why didn't Google alerts pick it up? Evil, evil alerts!)

Thanks for the high praise. I hope you'll hang out with me more often! I'm sure having fun here with you.

Bethanie said...

Well, don't know what's wrong with google, but you're welcome! I really enjoy your outtakes and snippets and memes and, really, anything to do with Riverview, USA. Can't wait to see it in print!

And I do hang out at West of Mars, but I'm kinda shy at first (see? there i am in the corner, watching...) :)