04 March 2008

Inkygirl Rocks

Inkygirl is one of my favorite writing-related websites, and I've become a regular visitor. It's run by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, who posts about writing and writing related issues and people. She is also writes and illustrates some really fantastic comics and a comic strip called Will Write For Chocolate.

She recently posted about cool office space and asked for readers to send in photos of their office/writing space and what they love/hate about it, which I did - and she posted my photos and write up today!

I'm on Inkygirl! Too cool!


Musing said...


Found you thru InkyGirl. Congrats on being featured. I love that bookcase. :)

Bethanie said...

Well, hey, thanks for stopping by, musing!

I love that bookcase, too! Wish I had ten of 'em! :-D

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I like InkyGirl, too.

I'll go check my reader for your space now. If it's like mine, you're brave to send it in!

Bethanie said...

Yup, Inkygirl rocks!

And my space was relatively clean that day. Seriously, you could see the floor and bits of the work surface!

Unlike today.

Today, I had to leave work-work early because of what passes for a snowstorm here in Exile (well, the threat of a snowstorm) to retrieve Ms. Five from school, so I have piles of work-work stuff, a pile of fabric from a craft project, a collection of items from Ms. Five's no-school craft project (and scraps therefrom), Ms. Five's BRIGHT ORANGE soccer uniform (thankfully clean), plus the usual flotsam.

I had to move stuff to find a spot for my cell phone.