02 March 2008

Project #1: Progress Report

Wow! Can you believe it? Progress to report already!

Either the 'post the projects' plan is working or Ms. Baby had started sleeping through the night (she hasn't).

Progress has been made on Step #1!


  1. Get rid of uneeded baby changing table.

    1. Uncover baby changing table.
    2. See if LE will take changing table early.
    3. Move the sucker OUT OF MY HOUSE.


Technically, I suppose I've also made progress on Step #2, because I put some of the junk that was on the baby changing table in my car to go to Goodwill. However, I will resist posting that as Progress until I actually GET it to Goodwill.


Leslie said...

Blogger hates me. It's lost at least 3 comments in as many weeks, and since I don't comment much that's a piss-poor record!

I am really impressed with your progress! So clean... so shiny... so empty!

Bethanie said...

Aaaaah... clean, shiny, EMPTY!

Now to get rid of the damn thing...

I haven't even managed to send my pretty photo to the gal who wants the thing. But it's been a crazy week at work, so my goal is to accomplish that by Friday. Wish me luck!

I've been having trouble with blogger comments lately, too. I wrote one on Theriomorph that disappeared, so I got disgusted and went somewhere else and when I went back the next day -- there it was. Weird.