14 March 2008

You know you have young children when…

…your floor crunches (from Cheerios disintegrating underfoot).

…the last four movies you saw in a movie theater were animated.

…you can’t remember the last movie you saw in a theater that wasn’t animated.

…walking around your house frequently involves the sound of crashing.

…you have a plastic tea set in your dishwasher.

…there are more toys than towels in your bathroom.



Megan said...

Well said!!! I'm sure this list could've been much, much longer....

Bethanie said...

It most certainly could have -- and would have been:

...you haven't been able to do anything for longer than 5 minutes at a time since... well, since your children were born.


And thanks for stopping by! Now where's YOUR blog, dear?

Miss Crabby Pants said...

And you know you have not-as-young children when:

...you can't open the front door because it is blocked by backpacks the size of suitcases.

...the last 3 movies you've seen in a theater starred Will Farrell (funny enough without being animated for the elder, not too scary or violent for the younger).

...your floor still crunches, but from chips instead of Cheerios.