29 March 2008

Childproof, Spillproof Snack Dispenser

I am so sick of stomping on Cheerios.

I am so sick of Ms. Baby walking around with 57 Cheerios stuffed in her mouth.

I am so sick of the sound that 57 Cheerios make as they skitter across the floor I just swept, because Ms. Baby hasn't quite grasped the concept of watching where she is going.

So someone, please, please, invent a toddler snack dispenser that:

a) Will not explode its contents on impact.
b) Will only dispense TWO Cheerios at a time.
c) Will actually dispense Cheerios when Ms. Baby wants them.
d) Cannot be outsmarted by Ms. Baby (good luck on that one...).

Anyone with a good idea, please leave contact information in the comments. I may have some capital to get you started on this one.


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