19 March 2008

Days Like This

It's been one of those days. In fact, it's been one of those weeks.

Every blessed thing I touch, think about or try to do at FPU goes straight to Hell's Handbasket (do not pass Go, do not collect shit).

And it is the days/weeks/months like this that make me seriously reconsider my career path.

How much experience do I really NEED before I start freelancing?

Some days, I wonder.

Some days, I really wonder.



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Only you can answer that, but be certain when you take the step that it's a path you can continue down.

Hang in there!!!

Miss Crabby Pants said...

Well, I think you probably don't need more experience - but maybe you need to have some conversations with people who freelance. You know, find out how it's done and who you need to know, what steps you need to take to make it viable.
Pretend one of your characters needs to get out of her job and freelance in order to resolve an inner conflict (you know, the one that makes her interesting). Now do the research you would do for a character (because it's somehow easier to do that kind of legwork if it's a bit removed from oneself).
Then write her next chapter and see where it goes and adjust your own life accordingly.

Only no vampires!

Bethanie said...

Yes, I definitely need to research... and NETWORK.... that seems to be key - all the freelancers yap about it.

Naturally, I like to hide in corners at social events, which makes networking tough. I suppose I should grow up and get over myself, but old habits die hard...

Anyway, I'm thinking I should write that chapter. Sans vampires (unless things get really boring...) :D