31 May 2006

Ready... Set... Ooo! New Email!


Supper is over. The dishes are cleared. The extra food is put away. The Husband and Ms. Three are downstairs watching a movie. It's nice and quiet.

Sounds like a perfect time to get some writing done.

I just called my sister and left a message for her to call me. I've logged into yahoo messenger. I've logged into my work email. I have a browser page up with my personalized google. I'm almost out of water. And I need a snack.

It must be time to get started.

Must be.... guess I'll do that now... unless the phone rings or something...


Queen K said...

Ring! Heh...

Bethanie said...

Thank you! I was having major dread because it's time to spruce up the drafted chapter for voluteer readers.... ICK.

Leslie said...

So, um, tomorrow is June 5th and, after the several hours it'll take me to get my house and such back in order, I'll be looking for a good read. Shall I start one in the summer vacation pile, or are you ready to send me the so-called "dreaded chapter"?
I graduated Friday!

Bethanie said...

Oh, um, yeah!! Wow, my heart is pounding because I have a deadline I sorta, um, forgot about... I was letting it sit, see, before the first serious edit... and started working on something else... and doing the birthday party thing... and.... well, we'll see, but I may need to ask for an extension... heh.

Congratulations, by the way!! I have a congratulatory email rattling about in my head for you. I'll send it soon!