22 May 2006

Grant Hell: Episode XXIOOVXIII

*sneaks surrepititiously onto posting page*

Just taking a little break from the wonderful world of polymorphisms, abstracts, and SORRY-your-biosketch-cannot-be-longer-than- 4-pages-stop-looking-at-me-like-that-I-don't-make-the-rules- I-just-work-here to check in and ... well, goof off. 'Cuz I need my damn brain back for five minutes so I can remember what else I get to use it for besides hunting for errant commas and missing definite articles.

Spent all weekend and all evening editing other people's stuff. Not done yet.

Actually, it's not as bad as it sounds as this is a perfectly legitimate excuse that keeps me from having to edit or *gasp, clutch at heart* write my own stuff.

Yeah, that chapter still ain't done. Oh crap, there goes my damn email again... What the hell ever gave me the not-so-bright idea that working from home was a good thing anyway?

1 comment:

Queen K said...

UGH!!! I'm sorry! You'll get it all done and then you can find new ways of procrastinating from your writing - amusing ways!!