09 May 2006

Poor Little Agnostic Brain

OK, I don't know why and it makes no sense at all, but I was googling "science writing master" just now because I'm thinking about getting a Master's degree and, among some science writing programs, one of the links it came up with was: "Church of the Flying Spagehetti Monster".


This has WHAT to do with science writing?

Naturally, I click on said link - I mean, how can you NOT - and find this website dedicated to spreading a new religion that makes about as much sense to the poor little agnostic brain as any of the others out there (which I think is the point... I think... it's getting late...). Anyways, worth a laugh if nothing else.

Still no earthly idea what the Flying Spaghetti Monster has to do with science writing. Eh, who cares!


Queen K said...

LOL - that's hysterical!! I want a t-shirt and one of the little spaghetti-monster fish for the car. I love the letter to schools about teaching the Theory of the Spaghetti Monster. Beautiful!!

Leslie said...

This has been a favorite of mine for a while - I think it is one of the more brilliant things out there religion-wise. As you say, it makes about as much sense as any of the others!