28 May 2006

Weird... Or Is It?

So this has been the weirdest pregnancy. Well, weirder than the other one.

Everything is happening earlier – belly button popage; massively painful hip displaysia; pubic symphisis rebellion; sacroiliac complaints; breathlessness; constant heartburn; etc. Oh, and the good stuff too – kicking baby; hiccups; the precursors to lactation (“Houston, we have colostrum!”); etc.

OK, maybe that stuff’s not weird. But a couple of weeks ago, everything I ate that came out of my freezer tasted like bananas – ice cubes, ice cream, hot dogs, everything. And then, there’s the following:

I am, apparently, partially color blind. Whether or not this is pregnancy-induced, I have no idea, but there is a particular shade of green which no matter how hard I try, I cannot distinguish from black. Now I don't have any problems with any other shade of green (so far as I know) and I passed every color-blindess test I could find on the web, but this one shade just is beyond my ability to discern. No amount of holding it up to other greens, blacks, blues or anything else seems to help. Here’s the story:

My sister-in-law who lives in L.A. (and really should just stop pretending she’s a regular person and admit she’s a super-model already) had a baby last year. She called up after we found out about Ms. Surprise-Surprise and said she was sending me her maternity clothes.

“Hip-hip-hoorah!,” thinks I. “Style-y maternity clothes I could not otherwise afford to even look at. Not a chance in hell they’ll fit, but whatever!”

So the clothes arrive and – whadyaknow – EVERYTHING fits! Lucky me!

So. I then spend the next three or four months wearing this very, very comfortable – black – yoga outfit. And naturally, because it’s black I can mix and match it with just about everything else I have, because, well, it’s black, right? Black goes with everything.

Unless it’s not black.

I don’t remember how it came up, but we were all sitting around the dining room table and I must have said something about the black shirt I was wearing when The Husband looks at me with crinkled brow and says, “Sweetheart, that shirt is green.”

After a moment’s stupefied pause, I respond. “No, it’s not. It’s black.”

The Husband shakes his head and laughs. “It’s green, baby. Very dark, but it’s definitely green.”

Thinking now that he must be color blind or something, I turn to Ms. Three (Soon-oh-so-Soon-To-Be-Four) for support and say, “What color is Mommy's shirt?” and consider myself very clever to have left the question open-ended so there will be no doubts about leading the witness.

To my utter astonishment, Ms. Three looks critically at the shirt and without even the smallest iota of doubt says, “Green.”

I proceed to look from one to the other, mouth agape in disbelief that both of them appear to be afflicted with this strange inability to recognize the color black when they see it. I figure it must be a genetic deficiency that he has passed on to her, because it certainly can’t be me. I then announce that I am going to wear the shirt in question to work and take a poll to prove them wrong.

So. A few weeks later I actually remember to do this and what do you think happens? Every single person I ask says the shirt is green. Every. Single. One.

I attach here a photo of moi in said shirt and pants that I'm pretty sure are black so you can decide yourself but, in the face of the overwhelming evidence, I have come to the only logical conclusion possible: I am wrong. The shirt must be green and I can’t see it.

Weird. Very weird.


Leslie said...

Moss green, forest green, dark green, but definitely green. Although, to be honest, if you just showed me the picture with absolutely no commentary, I'd be hard pressed to identify it as either green or black due to the vagaries of lighting and cameras and digitization...
Has it always been thus, or is this new?

Sarah said...

Having seen said shirt under harsh lighting (work blows) - It's still green. Dark green, but green all the same. I will say that black tends to fade and will often fade into a funky green-black that only looks black when worn with other colors.

Queen K said...

I was thinking the same as Sarah - does loook a lot like a faded black-turned green. I wouldn't worry, though if you get other weird vision symptoms you need to let me (and more importantly your doc) know. But there isn't some bizarre syndrome involving dark-green blindness, so no worries.
The other stuff isn't weird either. The banana thing is unusual, though I've heard it can happen - and that sort of smell confusion sometimes happens to me when I have a bad sinus infection. The other stuff is pure second-pregnancy. Your body, having encountered certain hormones previously, has decided to go wild with excitement and change everything much earlier than it did before to prove how smart it is because it remembers. Yup. Silly body.

Bethanie said...

Well, while I like the faded-from-black-to-green theory, there were unfortunate witnesses to the actual purchase of the shirt. Witnesses who remember the purchase of a dark green shirt. Sigh. So much for that theory.

And so much for the faint hope that the magic of digitization would find me some allies in blackness... (thanks for trying, l! and this is the first time i've ever noticed anything amiss with my color ID faculties)

Perhaps after Ms. Surprise-Surprise is born I will be cured and the shirt will suddenly appear green to me too.

Which reminds me, K - does my body proving how smart it is by doing everything early perhaps apply to labor also?? Maybe?? ...please... (OK, nevermind. I already know the answer to that...)

Queen K said...

Well, sometimes second labor don't start as late as first ones, though Mumma had each of us later than the last - don't worry though, that isn't hereditary or anything! I WILL say that second labor are generally a hell of a lot faster than first ones, so don't underestimate that and wait too long to go to the hospital (though I'm sure Michael would do just fine catching the kiddo). Seriously - it's legendary how fast a second baby can come. Oh, and if you DO have the kid at home PLEASE dry the kid off fast and wrap it really well - the last time we had someone deliver accidentally at home the baby was like 92 degrees by the time we got her!!! I'm just saying...