26 May 2006

There is Hope

It's a tiny little speck, but it's there:

Orangina can be found south of the M-DL.

In fact, I have proof of this little speck of hope in the form of an undiscloable number of little bottles safely tucked out of sight under my cube's desk-like appendage.

You may wonder: How on Earth did this happen?
Answer: Apparently, I am truly pitiful.

So pitiful, in fact, that my previous post bemoaning the (apparent) lack of Orangina prompted a comment from a friend, a native of Exile. This lovely woman not only had suggestions on where I might find Orangina AND called around to see which places actually had it, but WENT AND GOT SOME FOR ME. And would not take any money for it.

This sweet and selfless act brought tears to my eyes and still does. (Yes, I love Orangina that much. What do you want, I'm pitiful, remember?) I can only hope to return the favor some day.

Now. If only I could get my mitts on a Moe's.

1 comment:

Queen K said...

Hip - hip - hoorah!!!

I TOLD you there must be some good stores around there! It's good to have local people weigh in and steer you in the right direction.

As for Moe's - if I could get them myself I'd fed-ex you some. Alas, I am also Moe-less. SNIFF