15 October 2006

Damn Hyperactive Imagination

[a NaNo rant ]

Knowing it to be an exercise in futility, I wasn't going to outline this year. I mean, I learned my lesson last year. I know how hard my characters will laugh at any outline I come up with when I start referring them to it. I was going to save myself the trouble.

Unfortunately, as soon as my imagination gets wind of a new project in the works, it gets all these illusions of grandeur and epic tales begin to blossom in my mind. Sort of like the mushroom cloud from an A-bomb.

Next thing I know, I'm frantic to find a pencil or pen or crayon or SOMETHING to keep all these wonderful ideas from disappating into thin air and BOOM! An outline starts taking shape under my fingers.

Pretty soon, I'm starting to organize it into chapters. Then I get all in a tizzy about the ending. Then I start obesessing about details large and small. I've got Character Bios started and now I'm trying to decide if I'm going to have more than one POV character.

Gah! Somebody save me from myself!


Leslie said...

Well, I'm glad you included the link to lessons learned last time - especially the par about characters with L being big trouble. The story consuming my brain is about just such a character - Lucy. I can tell she has some hidden agenda, some sneaky motive or backstory that she's keeping under wraps for the time being.
So... is the book worth buying?

Bethanie said...

Lucy? Oh, dear. Do beware... I have a 'Luci' and she's about as "helpful" as Lars and Leo...

Yes, I would say the book is worth it. I'd send you my copy, but I'm suddenly feeling kind of attached to it... It functions sort of like a security blanket. It's well written and quite funny, actually, and I find it inspiring in those difficult moments.

Leslie said...

I ordered the book last night and Amazon says it'll be here tomorrow (and I didn't pay anything extra for shipping - how's that for fortuitous?)