05 October 2006

Technical Difficulties

Right, so Ms. Baby slept FOREVER last night - like two, count 'em, TWO four-hour episodes In A Row - so I'm feelin' pretty together this morning.

She's down for her morning nap. I decide to make coffee.

Furthermore, having slept an Almost Normal Amount, I'm feeling all kinds of ambitious. I decide before making coffee, that I'm going to descale the espresso machine. It's been about a year since the last descaling, so it's about time. So I go out to the garage and get the gallon jug of vinegar that I keep on hand for that purpose (vinegar doesn't go bad, I'm pretty sure).

I then search the house for the steam stopper-thingy, eventually find it and run a bunch of vinegar through the espresso half of my wonderful coffee machine. That finished, I prepare to de-vinegar it by running a bunch of water through the espresso half of my wonderful coffee machine.

Now. If you've ever seen an espresso machine, you know it's under pressure and there's a screw-on top to the little water chamber-thingy.

It got stuck.

I just spent TEN MINUTES trying to get it off. It wouldn't budge. No matter how I turned the wonderful coffee machine, the lid to the little water chamber-thingy just refused to move.

Was it still under pressure? Do I not know my own strength?

I don't know. I finally got it off, but it was very frustrating.

And I still have no coffee.


Queen K said...

Probably got vacuumed on - possibly from extra vapors due to the vinegar. GLad you go tit off eventually!

I'm so excited for you getting all that sleep - awesome!!! What a good girl. Now if she'd only do that most of the time...

Bethanie said...

Unfortunately all the sleep Ms. Baby got seems to have loaded her with enough energy to scream her bloody head off all day. Not fun. Very not fun.

Leslie said...

Just a thought on the screaming baby thing: #2 son was a screamer - long, constant, loud and did I mention constant? Well, the kindly doctor off-handedly suggested that I try limiting my milk intake (as this was summer in Maryland and I was addicted to mint chocolate chip ice cream, this was no easy task). Well, long story a little less long, he was a new child - a normal child - oone who cried only when wet, hungry, or bothered by son#1. The trick, though, was ABSOLUTELY NO DAIRY for the lactating food factory. Even a hint of milk in my morning coffee sent him crying for hours. Hours.
So -
just a possibility, but one that might be worth trying.

Bethanie said...

Hmmmm... I posted a comment two days ago and it has yet to show up. I'm going to give up on it and try to reconstruct.

Yes, the dairy the thing has been mentioned and I'm going to try it (as soon as that half gallon of chocolate moose tracks is dead...). I think I can deal, if we can hack soymilk in the decaf mocha... I'll report back...