24 October 2006

NaNo Survival Stratagems

As stated in a previous post, time is of the essence for this November’s NaNo adventure. That is, I will have very little of it.

With that in mind, I am collecting methods of conserving time by being more efficient with what I’ve got so I can have enough to pound out those 1,667 words every day. (Other suggestions would be most welcome.)

And My Muse Will Have the Merlot

1. Caffeine. I drink lattes, since straight-up coffee messes too much with my stomach. Lattes take time to prepare – time I’m not willing to give up. Therefore, I plan to make a Small Vat of Espresso on a Sunday or whatever and keep it in the fridge. Then, when I wake up at 4AM and decide to get some writing done (instead of some sleeping), I can quickly and quietly (latte preparation is also rather noisy) pop a cuppa in the microwave and be on my way.

2. Supper. Ideally, I would have been preparing and freezing stuff for most of October. Unfortunately, my freezer is still stuffed with last year’s deer meat. I’m thinking instead that I’m going to stock up on crockpot items. I have a great recipe that my mom gave me. Actually, I’m sure we could think of something to with some of that venison. Which would make some room in the freezer. Which means mac ‘n’ cheese, meatloaf, meatballs, mole enchiladas here we come!!

3. Snacks. I can’t have dairy, since it doesn’t sit well with Ms. Baby, so cheese is out for a protein-based snack. I’m going to substitute nuts. Other than that, veggies and fruits.

4. Chocolate. I’ve laid in a supply of Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips (on sale at Wally-world, $1.88! Woot!). I should be set. At least for the first week.

5. Wine. Waiting for the end of the month when I get paid, but I’ve got it all planned out. Box o’ wine: merlot and cab, one of each. Chardonnay: Australian, Yellow Tail, (Which for some reason smells to me like sawdust, which for some reason reminds me of Wyoming. Yeah. I have no idea either.) for those really trying days between 25K and 30K.

1,667 Words Per Day

1. Word Count Padding. Just as a review for myself:

a) I will not use contractions.
b) I will not use hyphens.
c) I will describe every blessed thing in excruciating detail.
d) I will not delete ANYTHING. If it really, really bothers me, I will color the text gray and put it in italics so it can more easily be ignored.
e) If I discover that I have written something that requires me to go back and “fix” something I’ve already written, I WILL NOT DO IT. I will instead tell myself that I’ve already fixed it and move on.

2. Making Quota.
a) I will keep my PDA synced with my laptop at all times.
b) When I am away from my laptop, I will have my PDA on my person at all times.
c) All spare moments not spent eating, sleeping, feeding babies and other members of my family or working will be spent writing. If this means foregoing showers, So Be It.
d) I will write. I will not worry about whether it is total crap. I will not worry about whether it makes any sense at all. I will remember that it can all be fixed – or set afire, as appropriate – come December.
e) I will reward myself for completed chapters, paragraphs, and – if it comes down to it – sentences, as necessary with snacks, treats and perusals of the NaNo forums.
f) I will not spend inordinate amounts of time forum-whore-ing.

3. Maintaining My Sanity.
Ba-hah! Just kidding.

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