09 October 2006

NaNo, NaNo

Yeah. I can't help myself. I'm gonna do it again.

Wanna join me? C'mon. I dare ya!


Leslie said...

You are one crazy mofo... How many is this for you?
Nuts, I say, absolutley nuts.

so, um, how's it work?

Bethanie said...

Oh, but nuts is fun!!

This'll be two - one official, one unofficial. And it is nuts. It's also very liberating, because the only way to "win" is to just let it suck and WRITE. You learn a lot and even if you never, ever show it to anyone, ever, you still get to say you wrote a book for the rest of your life. :-D

All ya gatta do is sign up at the website (I'm kestlebird, look me up) and start writing on November 1. C'mon, it'll be fun! I'll even send you my copy of the guidebook!

Leslie said...

I did it. I'm shaking my head in disbelief and I have no freaking idea where to start, but I'm all signed up (I thnk). Name's hoodalolly.

Queen K said...

Errr...sweetie? This'll be #3...you've already done one offical and one unofficial. :D I think the sleep dep might work for you - kind of knocks the editor over the head and drags it into a closet. Awesome!! SO proud of you and impressed. I can't imagine one more thing on my plate, but you never know...

Bethanie said...

OK, blogger hates me - I posted a comment an hour ago and it has apparently been lost to cyberspace...


Apparently, I can't count. Yes, you're right, this would make 3. Yikes! Now go sign up, smarty-pants.

L - Yahooo! Welcome aboard USS Insanity and all that jazz! Start anyplace you like - characters are helpful, plot is not required, lethally large amounts of caffiene are. :-D