08 December 2008

Maybe There Is Hope For Writers

Or, at least, there is someone with some sense out there.

Someone posted a link to this NY Times article on writing to the AMWA freelance listserve. It's brilliant and painfully, painfully true.

Typing Without A Clue

And it reinforces my sense that SOMETHING has got to change in the publishing industry, and that if it doesn't change itself, we-the-writers will figure out a way to circumvent it. Maybe POD. Maybe PDF. Maybe something entirely different. I don't know.

But there has be a way. There has to be. Because I'm tired of waiting to read Susan's novel about Trevor and the gang. I'm tired of not having hard copies of Joely's stuff. I'm tired of reading about people like Joe the Plumber and OJ Simpson getting published, while people who can actually tell a damn good story don't.

OK, so what if the rules are the rules and life isn't fair. I say let's change the damn rules already.

So there.



Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Bless you. I agree -- things need to change. I used to stew and fret that I'd never get to NY and now...maybe that's a good thing with authors getting cut left and right, editors losing their jobs, cutbacks everywhere.

Meanwhile, Samhain expands by buying another small press and Kindles are the new in thing.

So there is hope, if we're willing to change our thinking.

Yet I must admit to looking forward to Rose possibly hitting print in 2009.

Bethanie said...

Yeah, there is definitely a place for traditional books! And nothing says you've arrived like actually seeing your name in actual print (at least, I imagine it that way...).

But there is also room for improvement on the old system - a lot of room I would say. Figuring out just what that would be, will be the trick...

Anonymous said...

It's things like this that make me wonder why I still have faith in humanity...or concepts like common sense.

I still do not get who this "Joe the Plumber" is and why anyone should really give a damn. (Though, I'm not American so feel free to blame my ignorance here.) Knowing he has a book deal just boils my blood. Writing for the love of the process is one thing, the "15 minutes of fame" crap is another.

I thought OJ's book deal got canceled though? (Oh, pretty please, tell me it did?)

Bethanie said...

I'm pretty sure OJs book deal got cancelled, but not until the very last possible second - as in, I think there were hard copies printed... maybe... not sure about that... but the fact that he GOT a book deal in the first place, that's the thing that gets me. :-P

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

No, OJ's book came out. It was big news for about a week or so.

Anyway, I'm just now seeing this (where have I been? Oh, yeah, in blog panic!) or I'd have been by earlier. Because you know you can get the background material to Trevor's Song (that's the novel), right? The Demo Tapes ARE available and I've got copies here so I can autograph them...

(and if it sells really well, the novel will follow at some point!)