04 December 2008

Still on Target

Amazingly enough... I have not yet fallen behind!

OK, OK - so I'm only going for 750 words/day. That's still the Mt. Everest of goals some days, what with grant deadlines, kids, colds, Christmas, and the ever-present Hell known as Housework... :)

And things are getting "interesting". I had this one character that had sort of dead ended during NaNo, so I had just let her sit and pout in a corner. Monday morning on the commute in to FPU, she burst out with what actually happens with her while her cousin is being tortured...!


Total December Words: 2,399
Total Words for the 2008 NaNo: 59,088


1 comment:

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Woo-hoo! You're making great progress. I'm hoping to finish the first draft well before Christmas, because it's sucking every bit of brainpower out of my head.