01 December 2008

NaNo: Victorious-ness!

Weeee-hooo! I won! *does happy dance*

Naturally, the story is only 2/3 to 3/4 of the way to the extra-happy happy-dance state of Actually Finished, but it's a good start. I took Turkey Day off (well, from writing-writing... I took a notebook and pen and worked out the final scenes in the car on the way to the sister-in-law's house), but on Friday decided rather than be trampled to death in a shopping frenzy, I would get back to work and try to get as much done as I could, so I would have less to do in December -- because I WILL finish the story in December, come hell or high water. We've got a long (15-hour) car ride to my parents' place in Florida, so there's a good chunk of time, even if I have to do a lot of the driving myself (I may be driving one way with just me and the girlz, but we'll see, we have yet to finalize dates and such...)

Anyway, I'm still using the 200-word Trick, because it works so incredibly well for me. I routinely hit 2,000 on days that I do this, and it's relatively painless. OK, that's a lie. But it breaks the pain into small, managable pieces and I tend not to bleed all over my keyboard quite as much as if I try to sit down and just write 2,000 words all in one go. :D

So to keep myself honest, I'm going to work out my goal for December today, post it and update it. Hopefully, that will keep me from slacking off and finding new and interesting ways of slurping eggnog instead of writing.


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