13 December 2008

NaNo: Onward, Ho!

NaNo 2008 Current Word Count: 68,936

Cumulative Total Words for December: 12,247

I am happy to report that the pogo stick worked and the story is now suffering under the weight of some serious Plot Bunny Proliferation Problems (which I will take any day over Brick Walls of Utter Nothingness, thankyouverymuch). Yahoo!

In part, I owe this wonderous turn of events to the fact that I woke up at 3:30 AM horrified that I still had No Idea what Fancy Dessert I was going to bring this afternoon to Christmas-Early-Because-Everyone's-Traveling-This-Year at the in-laws (OMG, did that even make sense? how much coffee have I had today...). Thanks to Internet-on-my-Phone, I soon found something (cranberry orange bundt cake!) and tried to go back to sleep.


Bran and Heilla kept jabbing me in the back and whinging on about how they were cold, lost in the fog and hungry and would I please, please, pleeeeeeeease consider getting out of bed (even though it was still dark) and get them out of the freezing rain and under a blanket or something.

At 4:23 AM, I gave in to the jabbing and sat down on the couch with a Hazelnut Soy Latte (which, miraculously enough, no one woke up while I made) and wrote 1,836 words!

And now Bran and Heilla are in even deeper shit than they were before... 0.0

But that's good. And there's hand-to-hand combat on deck for late this evening or tomorrow morning. And that's even better (I do love a battle scene...).



Anonymous said...

Hah! Hopefully Bran and Heilla don't nag you the whole night to get them out of said deeper shit. ;) Making nice progress though, way to go!

Bethanie said...

Hee, hee - they tried. But I was too tired to listen! Let's just hope the nice progress continues and I make to The End by the end of the month! :)