23 December 2008

NaNo Florida

Hello from sunny - but cool - Florida!

Yes, we're here! We made it! And with only two bouts of car sickness (thank you, Ms. Baby) and a minimum of 'are-we-there-yets' (thank you whoever invented portable DVD players). It was one long, long day, but whatever. It's over and I went swimming yesterday.

Progress on NaNo 2008 creeps along. I wrote NOTHING in the car at all, though I did get some really sticky plot problems worked out. I don't know why, but driving always helps immensely in that area. Terry Brooks mentions this in his book on writing, and I doubt it would work for everyone (not everyone actually likes driving), but there's something about having a particular proportion of my brain occupied with a task like that that frees the rest of the brain for more interesting things. So, yippee for that!

It's hard to find time to write here, though. The kids want to play. My sisters and my mom want to shop and talk and eat and drink coffee ALL DAY. I think we have a field trip of some sort planned for today. So it's hard to squeeze writing in anywhere.

But I woke up at 5:15 this morning and just said what the hell. I'll write til the kids get up. And now I've got just over 1000 words today and here I am at 75,000 for the story!

If that continues, I should be good on the December goal. After that, I'm not sure what I'll do. I know at some point, I should just put it away to come back to later. But I don't think it's ready for me to do that just yet. I think I need to go back through with the notebook I kept during NaNo of Things that Need Fixin' and take care of them. Then there are several bad guy POV scenes I want to add, and THEN I think I'll let it sit.

So that means I'll have to sit down and figure out how many words that will take and set a new goal with a new spread sheet and a new word ticker and.... *sigh*

I wonder if it will ever actully end...


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Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Have a great time, Bethanie! Merry Christmas!