27 May 2008

C'mon Y'all - Recycle Already

One of the things about Life South of the MD-L that drives the poor brain stark, raving mad is the fact that recycling is RARE. To put it nicely. They do it in Itty-Bitty City proper, but here in HSH, you are shit-outta-luck.

So, because we do what we can to not leave a totally gigantic footprint on the Earth, we used to drive a few miles down the road and across the county line and take our recycling to one of IBC's drop-off locations.

Until they closed it.

Well, they didn't close it. Not exactly. No, instead, they brought the dumpsters inside the six-foot-high, razor-wire-topped fence, so you could only drop off your recycling during 'normal business hours' - 8:30-4:30, Monday thru Friday - which is just so incredibly convenient if you have a job and kids and such like.

We didn't give up though. No, we've hung on to our recycling for the better part of 6 months thinking The Husband would load up the back of the mini-van and take it on his way to the job site one morning. Which he never did, so it was getting to the point where we were going to have to do something drastic (climb over the razor wire) or distasteful (toss it) or risk the demise of our garage.

And then my sister-in-law, Ms. Beautiful, came to the rescue! (I love her...)

She found this guy who comes and picks up your recycling in the back of his pickup and takes it wherever recycling needs to go for you. It's awesome. It's also 15 bucks a month. Which is kind of a lot. But we decided we didn't care. Since we currently have no other options, it's worth every penny.

But it ticks me off.

The town I grew up in picks recycling up with your trash. The town I lived in when I was in college had mandatory recycling - you had to buy special trash bags to have your trash picked up, but they'd take all the recycling you could carry to your curb for free. It was brilliant and as far as I know quite successful.

It just can't be that hard to make it work.

So I want to write a letter to the mayor of HSH and say: 'WTF, dude? What is the frikkin' problem? Why aren't we doing this?'

OK, I'll be much politer than that, but I want to know why and I want it changed, if at all possible.

And that made me wonder about the state of recycling elsewhere. Is it only here in The South that people don't seem to care about it?

What about you? Does your community recycle? If so, what's the procedure? Curbside? Drop-off sites? Private company? If not, do you know why not? Do you wish they did?

Stories, descriptions and suggestions on how to get HSH with the program all welcome!



Joely Sue Burkhart said...

We're in MO and it's just as difficult here. We're signing up with a curb-side pickup this next month, sort of an independent like you mentioned. It's $10 a month here on top of our normal utilities, but it's worth it. It's so dumb to teach the kids about recycling, both at school and home, but then the community has no easy way for busy families to LIVE it!

Bethanie said...

Yeah, what's up with teaching kids about recycling, then making it next to impossible to actually DO?!?

Anyway, Joely, glad to hear you have options and are taking advantage!