12 May 2008

Weekend Wind-down

Or: Monday Mornin' Braindump

Too many things clogging the brain. Must clean house...

1. Survivor Finale. Parvati?!?!!! What? We were so sure Amanda would win. Ms. Five is crushed. We are trying to console her with the fact that, although Amanda didn't win the million bucks, she did win Ozzy, and that's worth much, much more. (So far, though, Ms. Five is not buyin' it...)

Also, James. *sigh* I love James. What is it about James? He's so sweet, so polite, so humble - I mean, did you see the look on his face when they announced that he won the $100,000? Think he'd do a 3rd season??

2. Mother's Day. My Mother's Day was pretty good and started Saturday evening, because Ms. Five just couldn't wait to give me the cool stuff she made at school, which she 'hid' in my sock drawer. Yes, my sock drawer. I think some signals got crossed somewhere, and she was supposed to hid the stuff in her sock drawer, but whatever - I did as she asked and did not look at it until the appointed time when she brought it out to me.

I also got to sleep in, which I neeeever do, because that is The Husband's job on weekends. It was nice.

3. Mother's Day Lunch Out. We tried to take my mother-in-law out to lunch someplace nice. Tried.

And so did nine-hundred-thousand other people. At 3pm! Who goes to lunch at 3pm?? Everyone and their mother, apparently...

The wait at Olive Garden was an hour to an hour and fifteen. The wait at Red Lobster was probably longer (we don't know for sure - we saw the godawful line out the door and kept driving).

Anyway, we ended up at Steak-n-Shake, which was perfectly fine with me and perfectly fine with my mother-in-law, but about killed The Husband, because he had gotten all dressed up, which he likes to do, and Steak-n-Shake does not make the cut as 'someplace nice' in his book. Apparently, most of the nine-hundred-thousand other people taking their mothers out to lunch agreed with him, because the place was practially empty. Which was also perfectly fine - not only did we have our choice of seats, but we also got our food and our shakes and were done and ready to head home before most of the nine-hundred-thousand other people even got a table.

4. Presents! Ah, the perks of being a mommy! I got:

  • Red bath salts. In a plastic Ziploc baggie. Ms. Five them made at school all by herself by 'squishing up the color Mrs. J put in with the salt'. The color is red, because that's my favorite color, which Ms. Five remembered. She's so sweet!
  • Hand prints and a poem. From Ms. Baby. And no, she did not write the poem herself. But she did do the hand prints. In purple paint!!
  • Stilts. Well, OK, 3-inch heels. But they feel like stilts. Seriously, I haven't worn anything this teeter-y in years. It's very.... precarious...
  • Chocolate. Dark. Wicked dark. Valrhona plain 71% and Ghirardelli 60% with caramel and raspberry filling. Mmmmmmmm.....

Aaaaah! The brain feels better already...


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