26 April 2008

Annotation #3: Lynette R Cook

I recently added a link to Lynette R Cook's Extrasolar Planets page under Brain Food, because, well, it's just damn cool.

In the Time Before Children, I spent many chilly hours in my backyard with my telescope at night and many more hours (rather warmer ones) reading about extrasolar anything. The very idea of planets orbiting another star has been fascinating to me since the first time I saw Star Wars.

So when I started writing fiction again a few years ago, the idea of an almost-but-not-quite Earth-like world was a natural springboard. Right about that same time there were a bunch of news reports on a whole new batch of extrasolar planets that had been discovered. In one of them was this image:

That one image spawned a whole world.

A world in which half the night sky was taken up by this enormous red 'moon'. A world in which the rest of the night sky, and some of the day sky, hosted a parade of smaller moons. A world which would be subject to the massive magnetic field of the 'mother moon'.

What would it be like to live on such a world? How would the many moons in the sky warp the belief system of the people who came to inhabit that world? What would the magnetic field do to the human brain?

Novel #1 was born from those questions, and NaNo's 2006 and 2007 both take place on the same world. I might, eventually, have come up with something similar, but really a lot of credit goes to Lynette's art work, which gave the brain the original spark.

When I get my Fiction Writer website up and running, I'm hoping I can afford to use her images somewhere. In the meantime, many thanks Lynette!


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